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Train Your Managers, Develop Your Workforce

With engaging, live, virtual training focused on the human side of performance, upskilling, development, and growth

Infographic of the process: virtual instructor-led, action based, in the flow of work, scalable

What you get with each program:

Virtual-Live Training

Engaging interactions, exercises and takeaways to make it stick, without the additional costs of travel and catering.

Complimentary Executive Sessions

Embeds core program concepts at the senior level, so the culture you need to generate gets support from the top.

Colleague Experience

Supporting resources to the folks your managers lead, facilitating a common understanding across your organization.

Professional Logistics Support

We have a professional team of tech, integrations and operations experts on hand to make the entire rollout and logistical experience easier for you and your team.

Career Advantage

Conversations for Bold Careers

This program was designed to transform the way managers approach career growth conversations. Unlock the potential of your managers and elevate your company's employee retention and productivity.

  • Managers will master career conversations
  • Empower managers with personal insight
  • Break through resistance & stalled growth

The Connected Leader

Leveraging 1:1s to Manage Less and Lead More

When there’s uncertainty around us, trust and productivity erode. A program for people leaders that deepens the weekly 1:1 and brings more humanity to management in today’s hybrid world.

  • Build a culture of trust and belonging with your teams
  • Embed coaching, feedback and career discussions into management routines
  • Tune in to employee needs and understand the hidden engagement drivers
  • Get meaningful work done consistently

Love Your Work

Designing Opportunities that
Ignite Managers & Teams

The ability to develop talent quickly had never been more crucial. This unique training program turns skill-building into a powerful retention tool that engages your people while meeting the capability growth needs of your business.

  • Trains managers to support their team’s development
  • Retain staff with internal growth opportunities
  • Develop employee skills more quickly

Leading Through The Chaos

Managing Attention, Energy and
Resources to Prevent Burnout

Equip managers with the tools to prevent burnout and foster authentic relationships within their teams. Transform your managers into resilient leaders who prioritize well-being, prevent burnout, and foster powerful relationships.

  • Foster Human-Centered Leadership
  • Ensure effective leadership during high-demand situations
  • Develop manager accountability, courage, and empathy needed to act decisively and strategically when priorities shift

Lead Well, Be Well

Thriving in Today's Workplace

This program was designed to help managers get stuff done while honouring the humans doing the work. This groundbreaking management training program was designed to help managers thrive in a rapidly changing world. It provides the tools to manage well-being, foster resilience, and create psychologically safe workplaces in a world of constant change and mounting stress.

  • Equip leaders with skills to manage well-being & stress, enhancing performance
  • Implement a human-centered approach to leadership, boosting employee engagement
  • Cultivate an environment of psychological safety, inclusion, and growth
  • Foster authentic, transparent interactions that empower teams and direct reports
  • Leverage a value- and purpose-driven approach to energize and align your organization

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