Career Advantage

Boost employee engagement and retention through powerful career conversations

Unlock the potential of your managers and elevate your company's employee retention and productivity with Career Advantage - the management training program designed to transform the way managers approach career growth conversations.

The Problem:

For ages we’ve known career opportunities are a top driver of engagement. Yet despite this importance, career conversations are one of the most elusive and underused skills in management today.

  • Career Conversations are hard.
  • Discussions happen annually, if at all.
  • Managers are waiting for the perfect plan to get started.
  • If managers don't know what's going on with their teams, they can't act.

The Avenue Solution:

  • Master Career Conversations
  • Empower Managers with Personal Insight
  • Break Through Resistance & Stalled Growth
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How it works:

We’ve broken down career discussions into intuitive bite-sized pieces that make it simple to begin and master:

  • Equip your managers with the tools to design their careers through conversations and connections, fostering a growth mindset and increasing team productivity.
  • Learn the ARC of a Coaching Conversation that transforms insights into action, setting managers up for effective communication with their leaders and direct reports.
  • Identify and overcome Career Stallers to accelerate growth for managers and their teams, while creating a psychologically safe space for authentic and connected career conversations.

Learning Objectives

  • Relate to career conversations as an important access to doing meaningful work with impact
  • Create a bold future based on personal Career Drivers and identify gaps for learning and development
  • Be practiced in leading and participating in Career Coaching conversations that shift insight into action
  • Identify opportunities to shift old habits into ongoing career conversations
  • Identify Career Stallers for self and team, and apply strategies to become “un-stalled”
  • Address the mental barriers to Career Conversations by creating a psychologically safe space for authentic and connected conversations
  • Identify Inner Circle members and initiate value-driven conversations that promote growth, contribution, and development

Learning Outcomes

  • Use Career Conversations as the access to attracting fulfilling and satisfying work with impact.
  • Take ownership of their careers and discover their personal Career Drivers, create their desired future in work, realize the gaps ahead, and begin to relate to gaps as indicators of growth opportunities to step into.
  • Learn the ARC of a Coaching Conversation that shifts insights into action.
  • Practice coaching– setting them up for effective conversations with their own leaders and direct reports.
  • Create career growth as a habit.
  • Identify Stallers and strategies to break through unseen resistance – accelerating growth for themselves and their teams
  • Use simple methods of creating psychological safety in career conversations - where people can share and create authentically.
  • Explore their current support network and strategically map potential additions, tapping into the pent-up good will and community inherent in their organization.
  • Leverage the Inner Circle Challenge to get into action and initiate new conversations within their network, creating visibility amongst team members and internal contacts, despite not being connecting them on a regular basis.
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