Leading Through the Chaos

Managing Attention, Energy and Resources to Prevent Burnout

Transform your managers into resilient leaders who prioritize well-being, prevent burnout, and foster powerful relationships.

The Problem:

Your managers need your help:

  • Your leaders are burning out.
  • Priorities are shifting too quickly.
  • They don't know how to manage this stress.
  • Trust and psychological safety have eroded while working in new hybrid environments.

The Avenue Solution:

Equip managers with the tools to prevent burnout and foster authentic relationships within their teams:

  • Take Control of Work-Life Balance
  • Foster Human-Centered Leadership
  • Navigate Shifting Priorities with Confidence
Female manager speaking to male employee

How it works:

Our unique program:

  • Empowers leaders with the knowledge and tools to engage in authentic interactions with their teams, creating an environment of trust, authenticity, and psychological safety.
  • Provides managers with tools, discussions, and resources to help them take ownership of their work life, set boundaries, and negotiate work tasks effectively.
  • Helps managers develop the accountability, courage, and empathy needed to act decisively and strategically when priorities shift, ensuring effective leadership during high-demand situations.

Learning Objectives

  1. Mitigate the experience of stress at work by developing a stronger sense of control over your attention
  2. Influence and negotiate with leaders up, across, and down the organization to better manage workloads, expectations and interruptions
  3. Develop the accountability, courage, and empathy to act decisively and strategically when priorities shift
  4. Support, manage and lead direct reports and teams through stressful, high-demand situations using a human-centered approach to leadership
  5. Create an environment of trust, authenticity and psychological safety amongst your team

Learning Outcomes

  1. Make the experience of senior leadership manageable and encouraging for leaders
  2. Provide tools, discussions, and resources to support senior in taking control and ownership over their work life
  3. Build better, more authentic and powerful relationships between leaders; giving permission to set boundaries and negotiate work tasks
  4. Equip leaders with knowledge and tools to have human-centered interactions with their teams and direct reports
  5. Show senior leaders how impactful and important they are to the organization, and to encourage their well-being and growth internally
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