Transform your Workforce into Human-Centered Leaders

Management training that puts the human first.

We train your managers to create safe, productive, and growth-oriented environments where your staff will thrive.

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Your Managers

Increase Overall Engagement and Performance

Retain Your
Talented Workforce

Manager Development
is KEY to Your Success

Ineffective managers lead to company-wide retention and performance issues.

• Employees rely on managers to lead their career development.

• Managers are rarely trained in human-centered approaches.

• When employees don't feel like they are growing, they leave.

• Low retention is an expensive, time-consuming problem.

• Old-school training is boring and time-sucking.

• No one has time
to deal with this.

Your company needs a
team of effective managers who care about the people, drive growth and performance, and ensure retention across your organization.

Your managers are struggling.
You can help.

  • They're so busy managing they don't have time to lead.
  • They don't know how to connect with their hybrid teams.
  • They're burnt out and don't have the tools to help them mitigate the stress.
  • They aren't developing their own capabilities, let alone those of their people.
  • They aren't able to focus on work that lights them up and keeps them engaged.

Give managers the knowledge, habits, and tools to develop themselves and their teams.

What you get:

Virtual-Live Training

Engaging interactions, exercises and takeaways to make it stick, without the additional costs of travel and catering.

Executive Sessions

Embeds core program concepts at the senior level, so the culture you need to generate gets support from the top.

Colleague Experience

Supporting resources to the folks your managers lead, facilitating a common understanding across your organization.

Professional Logistics Support

We have a professional team of tech, integrations and operations experts on hand to make the entire rollout and logistical experience easier for you and your team.

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Train Your Managers,
Develop Your Workforce

With engaging, live, virtual training focused on the human side of performance, upskilling, development, and growth

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1. Schedule a
discovery call to align on your needs

Tell us about your company's learning and development goals, your vision for the future, and what you need to make your training targets.

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2. Book a pilot for the program that solves your biggest problems

We're the partner that's obsessed with your success. Our experienced course-ops team will support the rollout every step of the way.

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3. Train your managers to grow and stay in your organization

Transform your management team into influential, high-growth leaders, optimizing the performance and profitability of your workforce.

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We're Not Your Average Training Company.

Our research-based programs:

  • are grounded in neuroscience to help explain human behavior
  • cultivate psychological safety in manager-report conversations and behaviours
  • are relevant, easy to practice, and embedded inside existing processes.
  • create clearer connection between managers and their reports.
  • gives them tools to navigate (and GROW) in your rapidly changing work environment.

We know training itself is evolving, so we're constantly testing new delivery approaches and content that keep learners "on the court" well beyond the training event.

Get The Right Training Partner To Upskill, Inspire and KEEP Your Management Teams

Produce leaders who are capable, motivated and empowered to develop their teams.


No technology solution can solve the management development problem alone.


Engaging, live-virtual learning experiences that drive team performance.


We work with you to measure IMPACT on your organization, not just the sessions.


Scale results through the organization by creating a shared growth framework.

Customer testimonials

Our customers love the Avenue experience, from signup to completion.

"I love how this program is designed so leaders can jump in and start using it right away. Our people were able to quickly adopt and adapt to the material. It showed up in our engagement survey results as well - our leaders are reporting an increased confidence in their ability to connect both in-person and remotely and have really effective 1:1 conversations. The tools were so easy to implement and execute. Absolutely recommended!"

Susan Bertulli

HR Director, Sifton Properties

"The program built camaraderie and confidence around career conversations - that's what creates the snowball of momentum to drive development and growth. We should be doing more of what we’re naturally hardwired to do. This experience is for anyone wanting to do that with their teams in a really practical, experiential way. We were literally high-fiving each other!"

Katrina Mulholland

Senior Director, People Development, Amica

"This is such a cost-effective and engaging program! It really highlighted how simple it can be to make human connections, and the supplementary tools and videos provided were practical and easy to understand. The program was thoughtfully designed to encourage adoption, and as a result, we have been able to make a positive impact on the culture of our entire business. I highly recommend this program!"

Diana Valler

CHRO, Travelbrands

“This approach is so practical! It created immediate adoption from the get-go. Our managers now have a solid foundation for meaningfully engaging their teams whether virtual or in-person. Highly, highly recommended.”

Leslie Kobayashi

VP, Human Resources, Arbor Memorial

"This is the most direct and consistent way of building trust and engagement with your team.
This program is very well designed and highly engaging (and as a learning leader, I’m definitely not easy to please).  Absolutely recommended and worth the investment!”

Linda Hills

Director Learning and Leadership Development University of Toronto

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Trusted by leading companies

At the core of all we do is human connections.

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