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Introducing a training program designed to get stuff done while honouring the humans doing the work. This groundbreaking management training program was designed to help managers avoid burnout and thrive in a rapidly changing world. Our program provides the tools to manage well-being, foster resilience, and create psychologically safe workplaces in a world of constant change and mounting stress. Transform your managers into empathetic, purpose-driven leaders who inspire their teams.

The Problem:

Work has never been more complex (and stressful) for mid-management - shifting priorities from above, diverse employee needs, and an increased expectation to perform.

The Avenue Solution:

  • Equip leaders with the skills to manage well-being and stress, enhancing overall performance
  • Implement a human-centered approach to leadership, boosting employee engagement
  • Cultivate an environment of psychological safety, inclusion, and growth
  • Foster authentic, transparent interactions that empower teams and direct reports
  • Leverage a value- and purpose-driven approach to energize and align your organization
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How it works:

Our 45-Day Leader Experience

We utilize 4 methods of delivery to provide an optimal and inclusive learning environment:

  • Live Instructor- led Training (3 x 2 hrs)
  • Immediate Application (in 1:1's)
  • Peer Coaching (3 x 1 hrs)
  • Self-Directed Learning (1 hr)
Promote Buy-In at All Levels: Our unique model ensures adoption by providing a complimentary Executive Training session

Learning Objectives

  1. Manage energy resources to prevent overwhelm an burnout; foster well-being and high performance for themselves and their teams
  2. Apply growth mindset to work and everyday life
  3. Bring a value- and purpose-driven approach to leadership and team work allocation
  4. Cultivate a culture of psychological safety, inclusion, and growth using conversation & coaching methods that support team development

Learning Outcomes

  1. Acknowledge the world of business leaders in today’s changing work environment and provide tools to better manage well-being and stress
  2. Provide 4 pillars of resilience on which learners can anchor their thinking and actions for a more human-centered approach to leadership
  3. Equip learners with tools to have authentic  and transparent interactions with their teams and direct reports
  4. Build a foundation for psychological safety in the workplace

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