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Designing Opportunities That Ignite Managers and Teams

The ability to develop talent quickly had never been more crucial. This unique training program turns skill-building into a powerful retention tool that engages your people while meeting the capability growth needs of your business.

The Problem:

  • You can’t develop our people fast enough
  • Managers are too busy to support development
  • People-leaders are ill-equipped to develop others
  • People leave when opportunities already exist here
  • Employees wait for others to tell them what’s next
  • Managers hoard their talent to get their work done

The Avenue Solution:

  • Train managers to support their team’s development
  • Retain staff with internal growth opportunities
  • Develop employee skills more quickly
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How it works:

Our unique approach shifts the manager from the barrier to the champion for growth by:

  • Putting the manager at the center, creating greater freedom, impact and ease in their work.
  • Reducing risk for all by shifting the conversation from ‘career’ someday to interesting growth now.
  • Building capacity by leveraging the super-multiplier - team growth in the flow-of-work.

Learning Objectives

  1. Discover and leverage their distinct abilities to excel in their managerial roles and create meaningful impact in the organization
  2. Apply an entrepreneurial mindset to identify opportunities for growth and innovation within their teams and create an actionable plan around it
  3. Utilize a design-thinking approach to problem-solving to overcome barriers to innovation and growth
  4. Foster a culture of adaptability and experimentation within their teams, leading to increased engagement and satisfaction and impact

Learning Outcomes

  1. Leave managers committed and interested in development conversations, creating growth opportunities for team members and increased value for organization
  2. Cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset among managers that fosters creativity, adaptability, and risk-taking.
  3. Help managers identify and leverage their unique abilities to drive innovation and excel in their roles.
  4. Enable managers to create an action plan for developing and applying their entrepreneurial mindset and unique abilities.
  5. Encourage networking and collaboration among managers, both within and outside the organization.
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